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Application Consolidation

It is generally accepted that one-third of enterprise IT budgets are spent on application consolidation management. It isn’t unusual for large organizations to be running thousands of applications, and enterprises are continually adding new applications to gain business and operational efficiency.

The application environment becomes particularly crowded and complex following mergers and acquisitions. Companies sometimes discover years later that they are supporting dozens of applications serving a single purpose.
AdaptivEdge has specialized expertise in the post-merger application environment, helping organizations cut costs and improve responsiveness by integrating and restructuring key applications such as Microsoft Exchange, ERP, payroll and more. We are particularly adept at merging Active Directory environments with limited disruption to end-user productivity.

We’ll conduct an IT audit to identify redundant applications and work with representatives of your business units to develop a roadmap for streamlining the environment. In many cases, this can involve consolidating workloads onto new applications that are better aligned to your business strategy. Effective consolidation typically frees up scarce IT resources that can be devoted to more strategic initiatives.