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High Availability and Data Protection

Constant availability of applications and data is critical to business success. We help ensure that key applications remain available and able to process data even during periods of peak workloads. We can evaluate your network design to locate potential bottlenecks and suggest changes to mitigate those issues. Additionally, we can suggest load balancing and application acceleration technologies to improve availability.

We also provide guidance for robust disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to ensure data protection in the event of a major business interruption. We have particular expertise in cloud-based solutions that eliminate the need for capital investment in a data protection platform.

We are proficient with Microsoft’s entire portfolio of cloud-based data protection plans, including Azure services that orchestrate the replication, failover and recovery of virtual machines and physical servers. Azure Backup’s geo-replication feature maintains six copies of your backup data across two data centers for up to 99 years to ensure regulatory compliance.