The AdaptivEdge team brings more than 200 years of collective experience across the entire Microsoft technology stack. This experience was gained across hundreds of projects representing a highly diverse array of consulting engagements and implementation projects.

What we’ve found is that there isn’t necessarily a “right way” to deploy Microsoft solutions. Of course, there are best practices that we’ve learned through formal training, lab work and hands-on work in the field. However, we approach every project with an open mind and desire to find the best solution that meets the customer’s requirements and budget and simplifies ongoing management and support.

Some firms take a “jack of all trades” approach in which every engineer works on every type of project. Our engineers work with no more than two Microsoft products or technologies so they can go very deep and become true experts in solutions. The Microsoft technologies we specialize and have competency in are complex and require full immersion with a day-to-day hands-on approach. Our highly-focused model requires greater investment in the size and caliber of our staff, but yields superior results to our customers in terms time, quality and cost.

We recognize that Microsoft is not the only capable software vendor on the planet, but believe that Microsoft has the most complete and enterprise-ready business software available today, and an unparalleled ability to support hybrid cloud computing. Through our laser focus on Microsoft, we are able to deliver best-of-breed solutions that precisely meet our customers’ needs.