Cloud Backup Service Provider To Protect Your DataBackup Your Cloud Data.

Cloud Backup is paramount when it comes to protecting against data loss. Data loss events can happen for a variety of reasons such as versioning errors, accidental deletion, or ransomware attacks. In 2021 there were 2,690 ransomware attacks, almost double the number from 2020. Microsoft provides a very basic level of backup with your license, but it only covers 30-90 days on most items, which means if you don’t catch it before then, it’s gone forever.

AdaptivEdge has partnered with AvePoint, another Microsoft Gold Partner, to provide all-inclusive cloud backup for Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Groups, Project, Planner, and Azure. This solution allows you to back up 4 times daily with unlimited capacity and allows granular restore capabilities. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution can be fully hosted in Microsoft Azure or can be configured to work with your own storage, whether that be on-premises or another cloud provider such as AWS.

Most companies are aware of the need for a cloud backup solution, but not all solutions are equal. Download this comparison of AvePoint Cloud Backup versus native Microsoft backup to understand how AvePoint Cloud Backup provides far greater protection against data loss and ransomware versus native Microsoft backup.