Cloud Migration

File Server Migration Services

Adapt your on-premises file server to a flexible cloud-based solution, secure your business-critical files, and enable collaboration with Microsoft 365.

Our team is ready to help plan and execute a step-by-step migration strategy that’s tailored to your organization’s unique day-to-day requirements for secure file storage, access, and sharing.

On-Premises File Servers Put Data at Risk

On-premises file servers drive unnecessary security risks, like “shadow IT” access to sensitive files that bypass best practices for security. The average cost of a data breach is at a 17-year high of $4.24 million, and there’s never been a better time to invest in a more secure storage solution. 

Meanwhile, many on-premises file server implementations restrict easy access to specific sites and departments, hampering collaboration and contributing to data siloization.

A shift to a cloud-based solution powered by Microsoft 365 can enable:

  • Reduced cost and streamlined overhead compared to operating an on-premises file server.
  • Protection through Microsoft’s advanced security features and tools.
  • Increased productivity through streamlined file storage, access, and sharing across the organization, for remote and on-site employees alike. Files are fully searchable, and users can collaborate on the same document simultaneously. 
  • Access to Microsoft’s extensive suite of resources for ensuring compliance with regulations governing sensitive or private data.

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Adapt and Secure: A Strategic Approach to File Server Migration

Many organizations recognize the potential of a cloud-based alternative to their on-premises file server. But where to begin planning and executing a migration? 

We’re ready to help every step of the way.

Instead of a “lift and shift”—replicating your existing file structure in the cloud—our approach seeks to leverage cloud migration as a unique opportunity to secure and optimize your organization’s information architecture.

Our Microsoft 365 Migration Process

  • Stakeholder communication to ensure transparency, generate buy-in, and report on milestones.
  • Discovery and analysis, starting with a meticulous inventory and indexing process to identify sensitive data and filter out redundant or out-of-date files.
  • Design and planning of the Microsoft 365 environment to ensure a smooth user experience and logical, intuitive information architecture. 
  • Pilot migration to validate your solution and generate initial feedback.
  • Migration seeding designed to copy content from source to target without business disruption and allow for validation prior to cutover.
  • End-user training with a focus on continuous learning, including task-based training videos.
  • Cutover and Go-Live using a phased, methodical approach to minimize disruptions. 

Support to encourage successful adoption and the maximum possible long-term ROI.