An HR Employee Portal to Help Define You and Your Workforce.

People are your organization’s greatest asset — provided they have all the tools, resources and support they need to be engaged and effective. The right technology can help your employees reach their full potential by streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making.

A human resources (HR) employee portal is one of the best ways to use technology to support your workforce. An HR employee portal provides 24-hour access to your organization’s benefits, policies and procedures, payroll, training and much more! Employees spend less time hunting for information, and your HR team can focus on more meaningful and strategic work.


Lacking the right applications or having to work with disparate systems can be a huge thorn in the side of any employee. So how do we modernize, meet 21st-century expectations and leverage intelligent use of technology? Good question.

In our competitive hiring environment, providing a satisfying employee experience is a priority. And because your workers expect you to provide them with the tools they need to be the absolute best at their jobs, let’s not stand in the way of productivity. Let’s help them soar.

  • Employee Self-service Content Including Benefits, Payroll & Retirement
  • HR White Paper CTACompany Policies & Procedures
  • HR Team Contact & FAQs
  • HR Support Request Ticketing
  • Onboarding Workflow Automation
  • Time & Expense Reporting
  • People & Performance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere and Infinitely Customizable!

HR Employee Communication Portal

Streamline and Centralize.

Give your employees a little boost of empowerment. SharePoint enables powerful self-service that allows your employees to find the information they need to manage many tasks independently. Let’s reduce the noise and centralize important HR functions while enhancing the customer service role of an HR professional.

Onboard, Train, and Retain.

Improve employee satisfaction, communication and development. You’ll have the tools you need to attract, develop, and retain your talented workforce all in one place.

HR Employee Communication Portal

HR Employee Communication Portal

Secure, Automate, and Integrate.

Provide a more employee-centric experience. We can help you close gaps, open doors, and save time by automating and integrating your current processes, all while protecting and securing your people data.