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Microsoft OneDrive for Business supports ad-hoc document collaboration needs for both internal and external users. There are often times when information workers need to collaborate with individuals both inside and outside of their organization, with content that doesn’t necessarily belong in a formalized team sites, document libraries or records libraries. Similar to the My Documents locations on their workstations, individuals need to save drafts and working documents so they can be worked on using multiple devices and without worrying about how many metadata tags a document might need, or where it should ultimately live. In cases like these, and many others, OneDrive for Business is an ideal solution.

OneDrive for Business on Office 365 provides additional functionality in allowing users to share documents with individuals outside the organization. Rather than sending a document as an attachment over email, OneDrive for Business users can elect to “Share” a document with an external user, select whether to allow them to view/edit the document, and revoke that permission once the task has been completed. With OneDrive for Business, you can say goodbye to email attachments.